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    Welcome to Hernon

    Hernon Manufacturing Inc.® specializes in the production and distribution of high-performance adhesives, sealants and precision application equipment. Established in New York in 1978, Hernon has been headquartered in Sanford, Florida since 1990.


    Our product portfolio includes over 5000 unique formulas for anaerobic adhesives, cyanoacrylates, epoxies, acrylics, UV curing adhesives/sealants and more. Our products are known for their durability, strength, and ability to withstand even the most challenging environmental conditions.


     In addition to manufacturing high performance adhesives and sealants, Hernon also produces an extensive line of precision dispensing valves, powerful UV LED curing components and custom application equipment and systems. Our on-site machine division allows us to design, build, service and integrate dispensing and/or curing equipment for any application need.


     Hernon’s Formulating Solutions approach means combining the best possible adhesives and sealants with the most efficient application equipment and service - all from a single, reliable source. With a focus on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, Hernon has established a global presence and serves customers in over 66 countries.




    "With Hernon’s sealant, we significantly reduced the amount

    applied to our fittings and saw a massive gain in quality."

    - David Carrier
    CEO, QuantumFlo











    Thread Locking


    Thread lockers are recommended for use any time a threaded fastener will be exposed to vibration or repeated impacts. Even when vibration is not a factor, thread lockers are advised when a threaded assembly is critical to a product’s structure and function.


    Thread Sealing


    Dripstop® pipe sealants replace expensive, hard-to-use components and provide an instant seal which then hardens to secure assemblies. Dripstop® formulations are single-component, 100% active sealants that cure when air is omitted between the mating surfaces of threaded pipe fittings. Unlike Teflon® tape, excess Dripstop® dissolves to eliminate damage to hydraulic system components while the sealant applied to the threads cures to provide a chemical and temperature resistant seal.




    Cylinlock® anaerobic adhesives are designed for metal cylindrical components. Cylinlock® adhesives are used to maximize integrity on new assemblies or repair worn shafts and bearings as well as bond and seal assemblies. Cylinlocks cure in the absence of air between mated cylindrical surfaces and provide up to 5000 psi of shear strength.


    UV Curing


    Hernon® provides a range of ultraviolet (UV) LED curing equipment including bench-lamps, conveyor systems, and spot-cure systems. Each UV light is designed to emit maximum energy at the activation frequency of Hernon’s UV curable adhesives and sealants. Hernon’s UV curing equipment is state-of-the-art and offers fast curing times with maximum energy efficiency.


    Def Sealing


    In 2010, stricter EPA diesel emissions standards were set in place for all new diesel engines built, including boats, generators, service, public transport, and fleet vehicles, to switch over to Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) technology to help neutralize NOx emissions. Our team supports these changing environmental requirements with our Dripstop® 940 pipe thread sealant, which shows compatibility with DEF. This powerful sealant is contaminant-free to ISO 22241 standards.


    Oil Tolerant


    Many Hernon® formulas are tested to ensure compatibility with oil for use in automotive applications. Hernon's on-site production laboratory conducts robust aging tests to explore how the presence of oil and grease affects cured and curing adhesives and sealants. Contact your sales representative to request more information on oil tolerant grades.




    Hernon Manufacturing epitomizes the essence the of its tagline - "Formulating Solutions" in the field of custom adhesives, sealants, coatings and impregnation resins.
    19 Feb 2024 Battery Show 2024

    Join us at booth #3636 in downtown Detroit this year as we showcase our Magnet Bonding products at the 2024 Battery Show.

    17 Feb 2024 The ASSEMBLY Show

    ASSEMBLY North 2024 Booth

    The ASSEMBLY Show is the only event to focus exclusively on assembly technology, equipment and products.




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