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    How do I find a distributor?

    Fill out a Contact Us form with some basic information on your application and we will direct you to the nearest distributor and the best place to purchase.

    What is the expiration date for my product?

    Check your Certificate of Conformance (C of C) for the date of manufacture and the product shelf life. If you do not have a C of C, you can reach out to your representative or Hernon customer service at

    How do I get a login to access the website?

    Hernon E-Commerce functionality and online order information were launched in June 2022. The site interacts directly with our ERP system. So login credentials are issued by our team after an account is set up within our system. To login in, see prices, or make purchases, first contact Hernon sales at  to be set up as a B2B customer.

    If you are already a Hernon customer, click the "Forgot Password" link to enter your email address and have an opportunity to set your password. Then you can log in at your convenience by clicking the "My Account" icon on the right of our top menu.

    Why is there a fee on my order?

    Hernon is an OEM manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, and precision dispensing/curing solutions that operates on a B2B basis with large orders. Any small orders that are placed directly through Hernon incur a minimum order fee to help cover the order processing costs and encourage purchasing through our distributor network. Hernon's minimum order is $200. Orders under this dollar amount incur a $50 fee.