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    1 Quart of Rust Eliminator 32

    Rust Eliminator 32

    Rust Eliminator 32 is a new revolutionary product for eliminating old rust and preventing new rust on steel parts. Rust is chemically transformed into an inert, non-corrosive coating.
    5 Gallons of Rust Inhibitor 40

    Rust Inhibitor 40

    Rust Inhibitor 40 is an effective corrosion remover and rust preventative which leaves a protective finish for up to 1 year. Produces a clean, dry surface that can be painted, plated or powder coated afterward with no pre-cleaning. Not for use with zinc plated or magnesium items. Rust Inhibitor 40 is used on rusted steel when only a minimum surface preparation is practical. Rust Inhibitor 40 protects, cleans and leaves a protective coating.