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    Thread Sealing

    Reliable Thread Sealants

    Thread sealant is applied to fire sprinkler heads prior to installationHernon Manufacturing  designs custom formulas for specific manufacturing applications. Above, the pictured sprinkler heads are prepared for installation with the application of Dripstop® 920 onto the threaded assembly.

    Dripstop® thread sealants offer many advantages over conventional sealants like tape or pipe dopes. Dripstop® sealants harden without shrinkage in the joints, creating a tough, insoluble, vibration-proof seal that will not leak even if threads are damaged. This is because they are 100% active and contain no solvents to evaporate. Dripstop® sealants will not shred like tape or generic pipe dope. In addition, these sealants are not subject to cold flow, pressure, and temperature phenomena like non-hardening dopes.

    Custom Thread Sealant Formulas

    Hernon Manufacturing ™ offers specialized thread sealants designed to resist leaks and corrosion. Expert chemists have designed these sealants for use in pressurized fluid systems. Since 1978 Hernon® has produced custom adhesive and sealant formulas. Today, Hernon Manufacturing ™ maintains a library of over 5000 unique formulas. Hernon® engineers keep each formula to support a specific manufacturing application.

    As a Total Solutions provider, Hernon Manufacturing ™ also offers dispensing systems for pipe thread sealants. Hernon’s equipment division developed the Autosealer® line of dispensers to apply metered amounts of sealant directly to male fittings. These thread sealant-dispensing systems are not only easy to use, but also reduce product waste. Engineering teams build Hernon® dispensing systems with a focus on maximizing user control over the dispensing process. This control helps users to boost labor productivity as well as improve the efficiency of sealant and energy use.

    Significant Features and Key Advantages of Hernon Manufacturing Thread Sealants:

    • Toughens without shrinkage
    • 100% solid system with NO solvents
    • Custom formulas available to match usages and substrates
    • Will not shred or contaminant systems
    • Environmental resistance
    • Resists corrosion
    • Lubricates threaded assemblies
    • Matches Hernon’s dispensing systems for a Total Solution