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    Dripstop® 940

    Dripstop® 940 is a thread sealant, which contains Teflon®, and for use on inactive metals such as stainless steel and aluminum used in chemical process piping. The properties of this Dripstop® prevents galling on Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and other metal pipe fittings. Dripstop® 940 is formulated to cure without the necessity of a primer. Dripstop® 940 has been shown to be compatible for use within diesel exhaust systems using DEF according to ISO-22241 through independent 3rd party verification. Dripstop® 940 withstands high pressures, sealing up to 250 psig steam at 400°F (204°C) continuous service while maintaining its chemical inertness. UL Classification – File MH14222 Classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® for use in devices handling gasoline, petroleum oils, natural gas (pressure not to exceed 300 psig), butane and propane not exceeding 2 in. pipe size. 29R9.
    SKU: 940PT
    Products specifications
    Substrates Pneumatic Fittings
    Substrates Hydraulic Fittings
    Substrates Steel Pipes
    Specifications UL Certified
    Specifications NSF - Standard 61
    Applications Sealing
    Applications Thread Sealing
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