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    Custom Solutions

    As a worldwide innovator in high-performance adhesives, sealants, and precision dispensing equipment, Hernon Manufacturing, Inc. creates custom dispensing machines and adhesives for companies across the globe. We offer a complete array of solutions for our clients—including dispensing equipment, UV curing equipment, robotic systems, and customized formulas to support an efficient, cost-effective design and production process.

    It is said that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. Well, our team has been building custom formulas and dispensing systems since 1978. That's about 385,440 hours... so we know our way around custom projects.

    Hernon's UV gasket dispensing and curing system (right) applies a liquid bead around the exterior of oil seals. This bead is then cured in a few seconds to produce a rubber-like gasket that ensures a seal against leaking oil in engine applications. As with all custom projects, it started out as a customer request. In this case, the customer was seeking to improve production throughput speeds and move from a batch process with wait times for solvent dissipation to a continuous process.  

    Hernon developed the formula, adding UV photoinitiators to trigger high-speed curing, and developed precise guidelines for the most efficient use of the material. Then the parts handling was devised integrating pick and place robotics from FANUC with in-house sensors and Hernon's OEM dispensing valves and UV LED Curing lights. The end results took production to a new height with reliable high-speed curing and laser part inspection ensuring parts could be handled, tested, used, or shipped immediately after processing. This success spawned a niche line of Autosealer systems dealing just with oil shaft seals.

    A similar story around ammunition sealing also resulted in a niche line of sealing systems for similar reasons. A batch curing process involving hazardous solvents was transitioned to a high-speed continuous process with UV LED curing and machine vision quality control mechanisms. These stories show how custom solutions are applied to industries but they are just the tip of the iceberg with many custom solutions being one of a kind solutions unique to a single company.

    In addition to building the system and creating a  custom formula, we can offer valuable insight into your project from years of experience in custom projects. We can help you understand the technical challenges and build out the scope of work needed to define your custom project. Contact Hernon today via the link below to get a conversation started and learn how easy custom solutions can be.