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    UV Cure

    Light curing adhesives remain uncured until exposed to ultraviolet light.

    Hernon® offers a range of light cure adhesives to meet many production demands including bonding glass to glass, glass to metal, bonding most plastics, wire tacking, potting, and bonding rigid or flexible PVC to polycarbonates. These adhesives are one-part products that require no mixing and cure quickly under exposure to specific wavelengths and intensity of UV light.

    Hernon Manufacturing is renowned for combining expertise in light cure adhesives with engineering custom dispensing and curing systems to produce a total solution for customers. This total solution approach has revolutionized several industries including ammunition manufacturing and automotive manufacturing with ammunition sealing machines and UV Form-on-Gasket systems for bonding oil shaft seals, respectively. Contact Hernon today to see how the total solution approach can contribute to the success of your manufacturing team.

    Examples of current UV light cure applications using Hernon products include Ammunition Sealing and UV FOG. Hernon UV adhesives and sealants are also used in a wide variety of applications that require instant curing or involve transparent substrates.