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    UV Curable 40995

    Grenade Igniter Case Sealant 40995 is a single component anaerobic thread locking and sealing adhesive. Grenade Igniter Case Sealant 40995 is a low viscosity penetrating material that works by capillary action between mating surfaces. The cured adhesive is a high-performance thermoset plastic suitable for temperatures up to 400°F (204°C). Grenade Igniter Case Sealant 40995 cures quickly at room temperature without the need for surface activators or heat to join threaded assemblies. Fixturing strength develops in five minutes, or within 10 seconds by exposing the edge fillets to high intensity long wavelength UV light (365 nm). Full strength will be reached in 24 hours. Cure fillets at UV light irradiances above 60 milliwatts/cm² to insure proper cure.
    SKU: 40995PT
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    Substrates Glass
    Substrates Metal
    Applications Bonding
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