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    Picture of HPS Initiator 4322

    HPS Initiator 4322

    Hernon® HPS Initiator 4322 is used to activate Hernon® Hernon Porosity Sealant (HPS) resins. HPS resins cures to form a thermoset polymer when exposed to elevated temperature. Thermal content and coefficient of thermal transfer in the workpieces influence the cure rate of the HPS system. Higher temperatures produce quicker cure rates. HPS resins generally cures within the range of 177oF (80oC) to 205oF (96oC). Proper cure requires the workpiece to uniformly attain full cure temperature. Parts that do not transfer heat well will required longer processing times. Efficient thermal conductivity yields shorter processing cycles. Parts with heavier cross sections require longer exposure at heat to attain sufficient temperature internally. Carefully consider part geometry. Consult Hernon® Technical Service for specific process requirements.
    50ml bottle of ThreadPaste 432

    ThreadPaste 432

    Threadpaste 432 is a single component anaerobic thread-locking compound designed for heavy duty applications subject to operating temperatures to 450°F (232°C). The product delivers high strength locking and sealing on screws, nuts, bolts, studs and fittings. Excellent break-loose and prevailing torque values assure maximized resistance to transverse vibration loosening at elevated temperatures.