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    Case Studies


    April 13, 2020

    Hernon Pipe Sealant Immediately Improves the Quality for Water Pump Manufacturer QuantumFlo.

    The Problem: One of the largest and best-known manufacturers of variable speed water pumping systems in the US, QuantumFlo, was facing leakage issues during final tests. Only 75% of finished systems were passing hydro pressure tests during the final inspection. Failing systems would be sent back to production stages to be resealed resulting in loss of time and money to re-work. Originally, QuantumFlo was applying coatings of pipe sealant on threaded...more

    January 10, 2017

    Hernon's Custom Formula Solves Exothermic Reaction Problems in Boatbuilding.

    The Problem: Several major marine manufacturers contacted Hernon Manufacturing because the adhesives they used to bond the deck of a boat to the hull created intense heat during curing. This heat discolored the pre-applied Gelcoat on the exterior of the boat hulls. The process to fix the discoloration required abrasion and polishing of the hull... more