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    Gasket Replacer® 910

    Gasket Replacer® 910 is a single component room temperature cure gel-like anaerobic gasket compound formulated to provide instant sealing capabilities. Once cured between mating metal flanges and filling voids in the surface, Gasket Replacer 910 provides a thin, flexible, solvent, and temperature-resistant seal. Gasket Replacer 910 is a recommended alternative to Gasket Eliminator Flange Sealant. Designed for metal closures Gasket Replacer offers a semi-flexible, anaerobic seal for flanges, similar to Loctite 515 and Loctite 518. Gasket Replacer's gel-like consistency can fill minor gaps and imperfections in flange surfaces and when fully cured, this sealant resists significant pressure. Known as a form-in-place gasket, this sealant adapts to the size and shape of the flange allowing a wide variety of uses including oil seals, engine housings and transmission flanges.
    SKU: 910PT
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    Substrates Metal
    Applications Gasketing
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