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    1.75oz bottle of Primer 49

    Primer 49

    Primer 49 is a single component, non-CFC solvent based product designed to promote the cure speed of Hernon® anaerobic adhesives and sealants. Primer 49 is used where increased cure speed of Hernon® anaerobic adhesives and sealants is required. It is especially recommended for applications with passive metals or inert surfaces and with large bond gaps. It is particularly recommended for cure conditions below 15°C. Primer 49 meets the requirements of MIL-S-22473E (Grade T) and ASTM D5363 (Grade T).
    1 Liter bottle of SelfSealer 618

    Self Sealer 618

    SelfSealer® 618 is a tough, pre-applied, non-hardening threaded sealant. When dried, it becomes a resilient, tight clinging, non-curing sealant for tapered or straight threads. It provides an instant seal on different pipe threads and can be used up to eight (8) times without recoating. SelfSealer® 618 is water based, non-toxic, safe and can be applied easily without special handling precautions. It provides resistance to vibrational loosening because of its prevailing torque characteristics. Therefore, it is very effective on non-locking applications.
    50 ml bottle of Dripstop 947

    Dripstop® 947

    Dripstop® 947 is a high-performance adhesive/sealant specifically formulated for the sealing and mild locking of hydraulic and pneumatic threaded parts used with hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Dripstop® 947 will seal pipe threads, standard nuts and bolts, fittings for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, air conditioners, fittings for refrigeration equipment, and all types of water and chemical processing valves and equipment, including steam up to 350°F. Dripstop® 947 is a single component, thixotropic (non-migrating) anaerobic adhesive/sealant, that does not contain PTFE, and will provide a rapid cure at room temperature. Upon cure, Dripstop® 947 becomes a highly crosslinked thermoset plastic preventing leakage from shock, vibration as well as corrosive liquids and atmospheres.

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