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    ReAct® 767

    ReAct® 767 is a high performance tough acrylic adhesive designed primarily for securing ceramic permanent magnet segments in motor magnet bonding applications. Used in conjunction with Hernon® Activator 56/ Activator 47, this structural adhesive is ideal for choke and transformer bonding, DC motor assembly, alternator and flywheel applications, tacking, unitizing, ruggedizing, sealing and shallow potting. ReAct® 767 fixtures in seconds, is acrylic acid free and non-corrosive, non-flammable, and suitable for harsh environments. ReAct® 767 exhibits good thermal shock, impact and peel resistance characteristics, and excellent adhesion to a wide variety of plated surfaces.
    SKU: 767PT
    Products specifications
    Substrates Metal - Pre-Coated
    Substrates Magnets
    Substrates Plastic - PP, PC
    Substrates Plastic - ABS
    Substrates Metal - Plated
    Substrates Metal - Aluminum
    Substrates Metal - Steel
    Applications Bonding
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