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    Chemical Stripper 30

    Chemical Stripper 30 is a chemical liquid that works to remove pre-cut conventional gasket cements as well as formed in place chemical gaskets. Chemical Stripper 30 lifts off baked-on gaskets, gasket cements, formed-in-place gaskets, carbon deposits, dried oil, grease and paint on any type of metal in minutes. Also suitable for use on wood. It is packaged in a convenient spray liquid that penetrates and cleans intricate shapes, but will not run off, even on vertical surfaces.
    1.75 OZ bottle of Cleaning Solvent 62

    Cleaner 62

    Cleaner 62 is a non-aqueous, hydrocarbon based, non-CFC industrial solvent which removes oil and grease completely. This cleaning solvent prepares the surface for bonding with Hernon® Adhesives and Sealants. Cleaner 62 is recommended for final cleaning prior to assembling parts with Hernon® Adhesives and Sealants. It is not recommended for cleaning (flushing) equipment or for cleaning printed circuit boards and printed circuit assemblies.