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    Sureshot 4000

    The Sureshot® 4000 series dispensing valve system accurately controls the application of most medium and high viscosity fluids. The Sureshot® 4000 utilizes an aluminum piston for high pressure dispensing with a maximum of 500 PSI. A Teflon® piston which is designed for anaerobic gasket re-placers is also available. With positive shutoff and a snuff-back stop response, this system ensures minimal waste of material and reduces the environmental impact of your manufacturing process. Offered in multiple configurations to assist with retrofitting efforts, the Sureshot® 4000 is available in either a straight or 90o model and supports Hernon’s disposable dispensing tips. The compact size and low weight allow for greater placement and system design options when compared to heavier and more bulky valve systems. Hernon’s family of pressure reservoirs can be added to the dispensing system to ensure lengthy continuous operation. The Rambo®, a ram powered pressure reservoir is particularly effective in this pairing as it can produce a dispensing pressure of up to 350 PSI allowing the operator to utilize more of the Sureshot® 4000’s 0-500 PSI operational pressure rating.
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