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    Ultracure 7

    The Ultracure® 7 is a high output of 2.5 W. per cm2 LED UV Curing system with no intensity degradation over the LED lifecycle. The Ultracure® 7 is liquid-cooled and intrinsically safe. It boasts an impressive 17000+ hours of LED life or almost six years running eight hours a day. The Ultracure® 7 requires no replacement lamps or filters and can provide consistent high-intensity UV light instantly with no warm-up time required. The Ultracure® 7 is water and dustproof to IP65 standards and is suited for a wide variety of manufacturing environments. The compact size dimensions at 2” x 1.28” x 4.8” ensure that positioning will not be a problem and multiple curing systems can be installed in tandem or stacked to get the desired effect.
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